Are your handlebars good?

Uh, yeah…they are freaking awesome. We aren’t going to build a company that puts out lame products. That being said, we’ve seen all bar bends withstand a 4th gear get-off. You wad it up, get on the bike and all is straight as an arrow. And we’ve seen the best of the brands bend in a tip-over crash. The magnitude of the crash isn’t the issue; it’s how the bars hit the ground. It’s moto…things bend and break from time to time.

What bend matches what I’m using now?

We have a cross reference page to help match up your beloved bar bend to our bend.
Check it out here: CROSS REFERENCE

What makes your bars and grips better than the other brands?

For the most part, bars are bars. We aren’t reinventing the wheel…er…handlebars, but we are trying to change how you consider bar bends. We don’t want you spending a ton of time and energy stressing over what bar bend to buy. We want you to get something that works great and makes your experience on the bike awesome. So we minimized the offering to help make that decision quicker and slightly easier.

What height bars do I need?

No hard and fast rules here.  But we have simplified the options to make it a little easier.  If you are short but stand up a lot, you might want to go 10mm taller.  If you are tall and too lazy to stand, maybe a lower bar works better.  We will swap out bars if you hate what you just bought from us.

To make things easier, we've made a quiz that makes finding the perfect handlebars simple.Take our quiz to find out what is right for you here >

How do I safety wire grips?

All of our grips come with safety wire.  You don’t have to use it, but we think it adds another layer of security.  The easiest way to get it on the grips is using safety wire pliers.  For less than $30, you can put them in your toolbox.  You’ll use them countless times over the years.

We didn’t answer your question?

We aren’t soothsayers. Email jason@phoenixhandlebars.com whatever you need answered. No promises you’ll get an accurate answer but we always try our best.

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